Sunday, June 8, 2008

He Knew My Name

Zacchaeus, make haste and come down, for today I must stay at your house.
Luke 19:5

Recommended Reading
Luke 19:1-10

Joba Chamberlain is still taking it all in. The rookie right-hander for the Yankees is one of only two Native Americans in the major leagues; but despite his newfound fame, it's still the little things that impress him, like someone pronouncing his name correctly. Recently he bumped into Detroit Tigers pitcher Todd Jones in the Yankee weight room. "He knew my name," Joba told a reporter afterward with gratitude in his voice, "and he knew how to pronounce it." That simple story made the national news.

Many of us are bad at remembering names, yet one of the greatest things we can say to someone is his or her name. Whether famous or obscure, it builds ties with people when we remember and use their names.

How wonderful that God knows our names. Have you ever noticed how often Jesus called people by their names in the Gospels: Martha, Martha . . . Go and tell John . . . Blessed are you, Simon Bar-Jonah . . . Lazarus, come forth!

He knows your name; it's written on His heart, and He loves you today.

He knows my name! He knows my every thought.
He sees each tear that falls and hears me when I call.

Tommy Walker

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