Wednesday, June 22, 2011

You're seen

My family has a favorite phrase: "We'll see..."
We add it at the end of stories. Grab onto it to describe the future. Toss it into the middle of decisions.
It works pretty well.
And yet lately I've found myself wondering what it might mean to add more to the end of that phrase--to not simply stop at "We'll see." What if I finished the sentence?
We'll see...God come through in amazing ways.
We'll He'll work all of this out.
We'll see...His goodness in the middle of the happy and hard places.
Yes, He knows all our circumstances, every hair on our heads, every care in our hearts.
He'll see...always has, always will.
And somehow that's enough to make me close my eyes and smile for awhile.

Your turn: We'll see...{how would you finish that sentence?}

Holley Gerth

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