Wednesday, August 3, 2011

You can climb the impossible...

The sky stretches endless blue above me. The road whirs beneath the wheels of my bike. 

I can see it coming--a hill in the distance. It calls my name, dares me to climb it. I move upwards and feel the effort.

Legs beg to stop. Shoulders ask for a break. Mouth reminds me I'm thirsty. 

But I've learned that sometimes you have to ride through the hurt.
Sometimes you have to push through the hard. 
That's how you get stronger.
That's how you beat the next hill faster. 
Yes, there are seasons when we need to stop and rest or tend to an injury. 

But there are other moments when the only way through is to just keep going. 

To climb the impossible.
Then look out from the top and say, "I didn't know I had it in me."
Oh, yes, you've got it in you. 

Because you've got a limitless God in you too. 
That means you can press on, press in, never give up. 
You just might be closer than you think. 

Go, friend, go. 
{I'm cheering you on as you do. Yes, woo-hoo for YOU!}

Holley Gerth

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