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Power of God

Praise God Who Saved the Nation

Psalm 68


1Let God rise up and scatter his enemies;

let those who hate him run away from him.

2Blow them away as smoke

is driven away by the wind.

As wax melts before a fire,

let the wicked be destroyed before God.

3But those who do right should be glad

and should rejoice before God;

they should be happy and glad.

4Sing to God; sing praises to his name.

Prepare the way for him

who rides through the desert,

whose name is the LORD.

Rejoice before him.

5God is in his holy Temple.

He is a father to orphans,

and he defends the widows.

6God gives the lonely a home.

He leads prisoners out with joy,

but those who turn against God will live in a dry land.

7God, you led your people out

when you marched through the desert.


8The ground shook

and the sky poured down rain

before God, the God of Mount Sinai,

before God, the God of Israel.

9God, you sent much rain;

you refreshed your tired land.

10Your people settled there.

God, in your goodness

you took care of the poor.

11The Lord gave the command,

and a great army told the news:

12“Kings and their armies run away.

In camp they divide the wealth taken in war.

13Those who stayed by the campfires

will share the riches taken in battle.”

14The Almighty scattered kings

like snow on Mount Zalmon.

15The mountains of Bashan are high;

the mountains of Bashan have many peaks.

16Why do you mountains with many peaks look with envy

on the mountain that God chose for his home?

The LORD will live there forever.

17God comes with millions of chariots;

the Lord comes from Mount Sinai to his holy place.

18When you went up to the heights,

you led a parade of captives.

You received gifts from the people,

even from those who turned against you.

And the LORD God will live there.

19Praise the Lord, God our Savior,

who helps us every day.


20Our God is a God who saves us;

the LORD God saves us from death.

21God will crush his enemies’ heads,

the hairy skulls of those who continue to sin.

22The Lord said, “I will bring the enemy back from Bashan;

I will bring them back from the depths of the sea.

23Then you can stick your feet in their blood,

and your dogs can lick their share.”

24God, people have seen your victory march;

God my King marched into the holy place.

25The singers are in front and the instruments are behind.

In the middle are the girls with the tambourines.

26Praise God in the meeting place;

praise the LORD in the gathering of Israel.

27There is the smallest tribe, Benjamin, leading them.

And there are the leaders of Judah with their group.

There also are the leaders of Zebulun and of Naphtali.

28God, order up your power;

show the mighty power you have used for us before.

29Kings will bring their wealth to you,

to your Temple in Jerusalem.

30Punish Egypt, the beast in the tall grass along the river.

Punish the leaders of nations, those bulls among the cows.

Defeated, they will bring you their silver.

Scatter those nations that love war.

31Messengers will come from Egypt;

the people of Cush will pray to God.

32Kingdoms of the earth, sing to God;

sing praises to the Lord.


33Sing to the one who rides through the skies, which are from long ago.

He speaks with a thundering voice.

34Announce that God is powerful.

He rules over Israel,

and his power is in the skies.

35God, you are wonderful in your Temple.

The God of Israel gives his people strength and power.

Praise God!

Title: The Holy Bible, New Century Version

The Majesty of the Lord

Psalm 93

1The LORD is king. He is clothed in majesty.

The LORD is clothed in majesty

and armed with strength.

The world is set,

and it cannot be moved.

2LORD, your kingdom was set up long ago;

you are everlasting.

3LORD, the seas raise,

the seas raise their voice.

The seas raise up their pounding waves.

4The sound of the water is loud;

the ocean waves are powerful,

but the LORD above is much greater.

5LORD, your laws will stand forever.

Your Temple will be holy forevermore.

Title: The Holy Bible, New Century Version

The Lord Saves, Idols Do Not

Psalm 135

1Praise the LORD!

Praise the name of the LORD;

praise him, you servants of the LORD,

2you who stand in the LORD’S Temple

and in the Temple courtyards.

3Praise the LORD, because he is good;

sing praises to him, because it is pleasant.

4The LORD has chosen the people of Jacob for himself;

he has chosen the people of Israel for his very own.

5I know that the LORD is great.

Our Lord is greater than all the gods.

6The LORD does what he pleases,

in heaven and on earth,

in the seas and the deep oceans.

7He brings the clouds from the ends of the earth.

He sends the lightning with the rain.

He brings out the wind from his storehouses.

8He destroyed the firstborn sons in Egypt

the firstborn of both people and animals.

9He did many signs and miracles in Egypt

against the king and his servants.

10He defeated many nations

and killed powerful kings:

11Sihon king of the Amorites,

Og king of Bashan,

and all the kings of Canaan.

12Then he gave their land as a gift,

a gift to his people, the Israelites.

13LORD, your name is everlasting;

LORD, you will be remembered forever.

14The LORD defends his people

and has mercy on his servants.

15The idols of other nations are made of silver and gold,

the work of human hands.

16They have mouths, but they cannot speak.

They have eyes, but they cannot see.

17They have ears, but they cannot hear.

They have no breath in their mouths.

18People who make idols will be like them,

and so will those who trust them.

19Family of Israel, praise the LORD.

Family of Aaron, praise the LORD.

20Family of Levi, praise the LORD.

You who respect the LORD should praise him.

21You people of Jerusalem, praise the LORD on Mount Zion.

Praise the LORD!

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